CUSTOMIZED MUSICAL PARTICIPATIONS ))) “We need Deliverers for delivering us to Life and to the AfterLife.” – Roberto Crema
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| Celebration Ceremonies | Births * Baptisms * Birthdays * Weddings

“The ideal birth and death are accompanied by sound. With the production of sound, an energy (a being) can pass from one system to another. Sound, when a child is born, will allow the energy (the being) to set up a frequency for this reality, follow the sound. Death is exactly the same thing.”SOUND – Pleiadian Teachings


| Honor Ceremonies | Internments * Palliative Care (terminal patients) * Wakes (burials and cremations)

“You will see that this will be accepted in a little while, the whole idea. Your society does its best to prevent you from death, as if it were bad, then everything is done to promote death, is associated with the killing. Most people know when death is near, there is an internal knowledge about this particular event. A musical accompaniment can help people meet this time instead of fighting against the whole process. It is not morbid help others to die.”SOUND – Pleiadian Teachings


pArticipaSons Musicais PersonalizadasIntroduction | Celebrating Life and the Birth of welcOMe! Give a gift to someone you love with a customized musical presentation including different instruments, sound massage and sacred chants for your celebration. Pay hOMage to Life and the Birth of the AfterLife… Experience the mourning of the passing in an integrative way and in harmonious communion with the mOMents of Life.

Content | Honoring the Power of Life and the Movements of Creation, we offer customized meetings in exclusive ways of musical presentations including sound massages for the audience according to the creeds and traditions of everyone.

Benefits | opportunity for living with integrity the joys and tears that each moment provides us, accepting Love and pain…

Target Audience | solely for the participants of the event.

Length | according to demand.

Valor | upon consultation.