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“Music is not solely a collection of tones produced by instruments. Music already exists in humans as a harmony between their thoughts, feelings and actions. All harmony between thoughts, feelings and actions is music. The scholar’s ideal is to accomplish this harmony in himself/herself so, thereafter, he/she can be in harmony with all beings of the Earth and of the whole Universe.”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


Our Goods aim to increase the understanding of artistic and music making, either instrumentalizing people with our workshops, providing quality handcrafted music instruments or providing exclusive and guiding music poetry.


SOM DA LUZ Products )))
WORKSHOPS | Pre-established Meetings for spas, hotels, gyms and other interested audiences.
SONG OF LIFE | Personal music compositions whose melodic and lyrical “ingredients” remind us of the teachings of the Soul.
KALIMBAS | Online/private classes on this ethnic African instrument from the family of the melodic percussions; its sound acts upon our Waters and wounds.
DIDGERIDOOS | Online/private classes on this ethnic Australian Instrument used by the aborigines as a tool of power in a lot of healing and celebration rituals; its sound acts upon our Earth element and vitality.
RECORDINGS | We record your inspirational music CD with your favorite selection in our ethnic instruments. Explore and hear also our CDs with exclusive tracks through this site.
GRAPHIC ARTS | Creation of Brands, Sites and Visual Identity for your work to be clearly identified in its target audience.