INSPIRA(C)TION” | Power and connection with our Earth Mother and Sky Father

DidgeridooThis fascinating instrument is another powerful ally in our processes of self-development and self-healing. It promotes within ourselves the expansion of the breathing capacity, something of great importance in a time in which we breath increasingly more superficially and whose benefits are palpable. Specially recommended to cases of sleep disorder due to apnea and shortness of breathing.

From Australian-Aboriginal origins, it is one of the most ancient instruments of mankind. Despite being from a family of wind instruments (which works with the Air element), its effect is more noticeable in the Earth element which us composes: muscles, bones and visceras. Its tune is low and very penetrating, producing a basic note filled with powerful harmonics, which can be perceived to a more or less extent according to the technique of the player, as well as to the type of material used in its manufacture. See a demonstratiOM of Prem Ramam!

The didgeridoos used by SOM DA LUZ and recommended herein for your acquisition are produced by the finest craftsmen of Brazil. Its manufacture can be made of various sizes (tunings) and available materials.

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