Organic Music

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Organic Music WorkshopsIntroduction | Experience-meetings of Organic Music, either in Organic Choirs (periodical) or Basic Workshops (transient).

Content | Tuning of the Mind, Tuning of the Body, Singing of the Vowels, Free Chords (when the Collective Being is experienced by cooperative sounds), Musical Mandalas (kind of orchestrated compositions of round and/or cyclic shape).

Benefits | improvement of the quality of listening and putting yourself in other’s place; better body and emotional perception; increasing of the capacity of improvisation and creation.

Target Audience | ideal for promoting the integration of people and their artistic potentials, as well as dissolving professional, relation and familiar conflicts.

Periodicity | 1 experience a week, or at discretion of the group.

Length | 2 hours.

Value | upon consultation (divided by the number of participants).