Therapeutic Benefits

INFORMATION| “There is only LIGHT. Darkness can not be inserted on anyone. Only Light is taken.” – Solange Mandel, friend and therapist

Light is Information that illuminates the darkness of ignorance. The sound vibration saturated by Intention of WILL and by Justice of LOVE is able to penetrate cells and access to the subtle bodies, filling gaps and transmuting misinformation, bringing relief and deep relaxation (as Peace of Body) in the short term, understanding and inner meaning (as Peace of Mind) in the medium term, and wholeness in our diverse aspects by the withdrawal of our veils of illusion of Separateness (as Peace in the Spirit) in the long term.

Through the practices of cooperative sounds, the benefits are enhanced by the sound emission of the participants, by body movements and emotional energies detached, that everybody performs with more and more listening, beauty and communion throughout the process.

And through the practices next to Nature, everyone experience a deep connection by sounds with what is most sacred and harmonizing this planet.


METHODOLOGIES| Dimensions developed by our approach

Providing proposals of instrumentalization of the Being to the participants, both in the internal dimensions of self-development and self-healing and in the external dimensions of social integration and improvement of communication.


SOUND MASSAGE AND MEDITATION ))) Intrapersonal Dimension
Practices of energetic cleaning by the sonorous vibration of powerful instruments, LUZ songs and contemplative experiences of life.

YOGA OF SOUND (NADA YOGA) ))) Intra- and Transpersonal Dimension
Practices of sound intonation and cell cleansing by means of psycho-physical postures, breathing exercises, chants and mantras.

Practices of body integration by means of motor coordination, feeling and reception.

ORGANIC MUSIC AND SPONTANEOUS DANCING ))) Inter- and Transpersonal Dimension
Practices of musical development by means of artistic interaction, body expressiveness and loving spontaneity.


RESEARCHES AND INVESTIGATIONS | Science and Spirituality in resonance

Some of the proven effects of Music and Sound on the human body )))
* Improving the immunological function;
* Reducing tension and improving motion and body coordination;
* Changing our time and/or spatial perception;
* Decelerating and equalizing our brain waves;
* Improving memory and learning;
* Increasing the levels of endorphin;
* Regulating hormones related to stress;
* Acting on breathing according to the need of the moment;
* Promoting heart beating, pulsation and blood pressure;
* Improving digestion;
* Improving romance and sexuality;
* Increasing productivity.