Retreats of Sound Immersion in Nature

Retreats of Sound Immersion in Nature )))

Introduction | Combination of all the works of SOM DA LUZ in unique opportunities for celebrating in deep beauty and communion and singing the most beautiful chords of Life among Nature in a system of retreat during a weekend or more days.

Content | Experiences in Organic Music among Nature, SOM DA LUZ Sound Massage, Nada Yoga practices, Yoga of Music, Active and Passive Meditations, Collaborative Games, Spontaneous Dancing, Round Dancing, among others.

Benefits | opportunity for communicating with the Inner and Outer Nature by means of body, chanting and motion.

Target Audience | open to all friends, relatives and Kind-Hearted people.

Periodicity | Biannual.

Suggestions of Places | Aldeia Nova Terra, Ranches and Ecovillages throughout Brazil… Traditional Villages/Communities, Plateaus.

Length | A weekend (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning), or more days in case of holidays.

Value | upon consultation.