Who are we? Those we were waiting for!

“Our DescenDANCE is that which connects us with our Past.
It is the Field of Experiences which we inherited in order to refine it.

Our AscenDANCE is that which connects us with the Future.
It is the Field of Possibilities which is provided to us in order to shape it.

Our TranscenDANCE is that which connects us with the Present.
It is the Field of Opportunities which is offered for us in order to savor it.
It is that which UNITE us with That Which Is.”

Prem Ramam


SOM DA LUZ is our transdisciplinary approach for experiencing the foundations of Music, to lead us to the Harmony of Being. It is a work which redeems what we believe to be the primary function of the Arts, in special Music: an alliance between the ephemeral and the Eternal in us.


Our Mission )))
To promote the Human Development in their physical/emotional/mental/spiritual levels, with respect and reverence for Nature, and through the sacred elements of SOUND and MUSIC, rescuing their original functions of individual equalization and collective harmonization.

Our Vision )))
To be reference in the musical and therapeutic areas, through a spiritual approach of sound and music for healing and improvement of human potential.
To disseminate and sow in several media of society these approaches of Organic Music, Nada Yoga / Yoga of Sound, Sound Massage (Sound Healing), and Meditative Concert for the planetary harmonization.


By means of our restorative, harmonizing sound practices of Sound Massage and Meditation Concerts, we facilitate the maintenance of energy balance in the body, with profound repercussions on the physical level, emotional states and mental patterns, thus favoring our self-healing power.

By means of our sound, psychophysical practices based on Nada Yoga/Yoga of Sound and on IntegrativeMusic, we assimilate to ourselves Rhythm (the FUN of the Body), Melody (the TUNe of the Voice) and Harmony (the SUN of the Motion), thus promoting the manifestation of these foundations in the flesh for our personal and collective balance.

And by our classes of Yoga of Music, (singing + ethnic instruments) and its repertoire of Inspirational Songs we seek to act on our collective imagination, thus creating conditions for the Purest Consciences to settle down on the Earth so we can achieve together the work of Planetary Healing, which comes from within each one of us.

Gratitude, Love and Art for a New Start,