THE SOUND OF THE EARTH | Probably one of the most ancient musical instruments

Massagem Sound Massage with Didgeridoos ))) One of the most powerful instruments of our family, with its deep continuous sound, it is able of enveloping us and filling all space as a “sound placenta”, enveloping and connecting us with the archetype of Gaia by means of this travel across the Womb of the Earth.

Thanks to a beLOVEd friend (Aloha, Bruno Verdini!), we have acquired our first didge, made out of canna indica. By means of this instrument, I could improve my capability of filling my lungs thanks to the technique of circular breathing, which allows us to play without interrupting the sound for the time we intend to! This is one of the most therapeutic instruments for anyone who plays it, both because of the breathing and circulatory work and because of the sound resonance of our internal cavities. To anyone who listens to it, besides its deep sonority, by simply getting the mouth of the instrument closer to the body of the listener, a true internal massage is achieved by the powerful vibration that he/she can feel penetrating his/her body.

It is critical to develop the sense to play it with its vibratory dynamics, highlighting lows and overtones, in order to not saturate quickly our cells with this powerful sound information.

Benefits of the Sound of the Didgeridoo )))
* Inducing meditative states or states of deep relaxing;
* Removing potential energetic blockages;
* Freeing you from emotional traumas;
* Massaging internally your organs and fluids;
* Opening and balancing the energetic centers (chakras).

))) source: http://www.didjshop.com/didgeridoo_healing.html