Nada Yoga/Yoga of sound

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Class of Yoga of Sound on a yoga event in RioIntroduction | Practices of self-knowledge and harmonization by the sounds of the Voice, the most perfect music instrument. Connection with gentle plans and experience of purification on the layers of the mind.

Content | Pranayamas, specific Asanas, Indian Ragas, Vocalises and the Singing of the Vowels and Mantra Syllables.

Benefits | increasing of the breathing and vocal capacity, access and purification of the most deep layers of the mind, cleaning of limiting cellular records, beliefs and conditionings.

Target Audience | ideal for self-development groups and choirs.

Periodicity | 1 to 3 meetings a week.

Length | 1 hour.

Value | R$ 30 a single class, R$ 100 (once a week), R$ 170 (twice a week) or R$ 210 (3 times a week).

*NOTE: we can gather groups of interested people in a place to be chosen by everyone. Contact us!