Musical Philosophy


Vocation of the Soul ))) SOM DA LUZ presents a wonderful opportunity to share everything I have been learning and savoring in the fields of music, holistic therapies and sapiential traditions. It is an approach which tune us ”frOM the inside to the outside and frOM the outside to the inside” by means of Sound and Music, emphasizing their therapeutic and spiritual functions.

This work allows us to experience directly the foundations of Music, stimulating personal balance, social harmony and environmental integrity. We experience Rhythm (the FUN of the Body), Melody (the TUNe of the Voice) and Harmony (the SUN of the Motion) through practices of Sound Massage, Yoga of Sound and Organic Music. It consists, indeed, in the Art of Living the Symphony of the Universe.

Through this so transforming contact with Music in 2004, this “Muse” (etymologically: musiké téchne, “the Art of the Muses”) has become the Sacred Path of The Heart, whose most beautiful Harmony has been reverberating internally by the purity of the Keys in Major Love. And it was through Organic Music that I have experienced this achievement for the first time. Through this transdisciplinary approach of Music, as well as the practices of the Yoga of Sound and Sound Massage, I “sustain” access to this creative, spontaneous Soul, equalizing me in this dynamic balance of Life itself.

Our philosophy is based on the teachings of Great Traditions that have been passing the most harmonic wisdom of our ancestors, along with recent discoveries of the Sciences (Science of Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Transpersonal Psychology, etc.) that have been breaking paradigms and gathering glances towards a new, emerging world-view.

We work in order to spread these approaches of integration and integrity by Music, also inspired by the Internal Ecology of Pierre Weil and the Social Ecology of Leonardo Boff. Socially Engaged Spirituality is a term of the Deep Ecology we also deeply syntonize with.


Musical Ecology of the Being ))) In order to make this understanding easier, we have tuned this schematic mandala of the “Musical Ecology of the Being”, which embraces the primary aspects provided by this approach and governs its scope of operation.

OM | FrOM the center of the Mandala (which represents “our” Totality) to its end, we go through a lot of incarnations (our various roles and music scores across Time) until we harmonize all these aspects in Unison. As the vibrational beings we are, we essentially reverberate the OM itself. At the lowest octaves of the Universe, where we find ourselves manifested, our sound expresses itself by this trine nature in which we are in order to, ultimately, reverberate this LOVE that has projected us.

Nature | It is by means of Fun, Tune and Sun that we update each incarnation of this Soundtrack towards the Harmony of the Being. By means of Fun, we explore our Rhythmic Nature associated with our Body, with the healing pleasure of the Touch. By means of Tune, we explore our Melodic Nature associated with our Voice, with the healing joy of the Sound. And by means of Sun, we co-create our Harmonic Nature associated with the Motion, with the healing plenitude of the Dance, which in the ancient traditions was considered as a pART of Music.

Peace | After we have become aware of our primitive Nature by means of Music, we can proceed to the next octave, which brings ressonance with the Art of Live in Peace, of Pierre Weil. Since Peace is not to be sought outside, but accomplished inside, it is through the essential practices of the first octave that we start developing progressively the natural capacity of entering this state of consciousness. More subtle and advanced exercises may be introduced at this level in order to stimulate the process. Peace in Breathing can be experienced mainly through the practice of Pranayamas and other breathing exercises. Peace in Singing can be felt when our voice is uttered not only by our mouths and throats, but by our chests and entire body. This state is very encouraged by the practice of Singing the Vowels, among others. As for Peace in Listening, it can be achieved by blooming the virtue of Patience (“Science of Peace”) and developed by various practices of Meditation, specially in silence.

Wisdom | At this level of perception, we achieve true comprehension of the things. I like to say that understanding is ”undertake with”; thus, real comprehension is only possible to those that experience the savor of knowledge, that is, those that acquire Wisdom. The savor brought by this experience of life is directly related to Time, which is expressed in music by the tempo, rhythms and lengths. In Life, “Tempo is Art!” We apprehend by music experience how to use it respectfully and consciously, enlarging it in deep mOMents of Presence, compressing it in surrender of Expression and eternizing it in the ecstasy of Communion.

Tuning | By the channel of the Body, which represents the “I myself” in its process of individualization, we develop the Tuning of the Being, that is, the integration of the personality and the subservience of the ego. By the channel of Voice, which represents the “I thyself” in its process of interrelation, we develop the Tuning of the Mind-Heart, that is, the intellectual-emotional equalization and the harmony between reason and intuition. By the channel of Motion, which represents the “I ourself” in its process of evolution, we develop the Tuning of the Soul, that is, the whole accomplishment of Love that Joins/enJoy us and the co-creation of the true potential of Life.


Four Music Functions of the Being ))) Based on the Four Basics Psychic Functions of the Being, of Carl Gustav Jung, very well developed in the transdisciplinary context of the Basic Holistic Formation of UNIPAZ-RJ, we designed this “sound” version of the Four Basic Music Functions of the Being having its own quadrants, which represent the Root Notes of this orchestration of man:

LISTENING Function | Resonant with the Jung’s Intuition function, it represents the dimension of Quietness which anchors us to Life. According to the Tibetan tradition (Tibetan Book of the Dead), our Soul can only remain embodied thanks to sleepiness because it is in this state of deep quietness that It can return to our original condition of Freedom. Every night, all of us access this numinous conscience, even though most of us have forgotten the vital importance of this mOMent not only overnight, but also in the state of wakefulness during the day. This is the function of connection with the Divinity Itself. It is not by chance that ”Shemá Yisrael” (Hebraic for ”Listen, Israel) are the two first words in the sections of the Torah, which is the central profession of faith of the Jewish monotheism. It is also one of the main teachings in various native traditions: knowing how to listen in the forest environment, for instance, is like seeing in the dark, according to anthropologists.

In order to strongly believe in Intuition, it is needed to develop Conscious Listening Skills, thus achieving the quietness of the body, confidence in speech and presence in motion.


SINGING Function | Resonant with the Jung’s Feeling function, it represents the dimension of Expression which frees us from our own selves and the others. It is also an anesthetized channel in people today, since we are no longer instructed to Be Who We Really Are, to develop our potentials, and express our essence and our unique Gifts that we have brought into this World in order to share with everyONE. This is, for us, the true power of Singing: awaking in our own cells our cosmic heritage and releasing our memories of pain and fear from our bodies, also promoting the transparent realization of our Souls. Our Evolutionary Scale is defined by the melodious tones and hues with which we emanate our Feelings, our true Modes of being, interacting and constructing the Music Score of Life.

In order to be true to our Feelings, we must surrender ourselves to the Birth of Truth, our part of Art and enChant, thus redeeming the spontaneity of gesture, the expression of singing and the beauty of dancing.


MOVING Function | Resonant with the Jung’s Sensation function, it represents the dimension of Attitude which position us before situations, our purPoses. It is the never-ending search for Harmony which our own Existence proPoses. It is the capability of adjusting ourselves and flowing with courage and initiative. It is also the sensibility of the not-to-do (Wu Wei) for everything to be fulFilled. It is the function of ARTiculations, bringing Art to motion, knowing how to balance in the Circle Dances of Life. In order to do so, it is needed to tune and fine our primordial Instrument, one of the most perfect creations of the Universe: the Human Body. Knowing how to Listen to our more subtle sensations is vital to access what we collect from the reality which is True in relation to ourselves. That which we Syntonize/Empathize with is what we attract and co-create for ourselves. Aligning thought, verb and act is the great accomplishment of this function.

In order to read the message of Sensation, we must touch the Harmonic Consciousness engraved in our cells, thus accepting the symptoms of the sickness, the hesitations of voice and the needs of the mind.


SEEING Function | Resonant with the Jung’s Thought function, it represents the dimension of Perception which inForms us of the present mOMent. By filtering the thoughts, our lenses can also deform the reality we see in a higher or lower degree according to our own story and already lived experiences. The trump of this function is the Observation: a non-identified glance with that which is perceived. This is the path of development in this aspect of the Being: to look and see beyond and behind, after and before, to access what can become, what is perceived now, and what has already been; everything in a fugacious instant. Since the trump is Observation, the key is Presence. Presence in the act of observing.

In order to see distinctly the Thoughts, we shall anchor to Presence itself, thus observing the breathing in the body, the silence in the sounds and the unity in diversity.


Inner Musical Alchemy:

Musical Art | By tuning the expressive attitude of our Dance and Singing, we free our own Artistic Capability, thus awaking our Essence by the grace of music creation. Kid and Creativity tuned in colorful harmonic. :)

Musical Science | By affirming the observing attitude of our Positioning and Perception, we access our own Internal Knowledge, thus equalizing our mental Notes by the gift of non-judgement. Acceptance and Maturity hand in hand in spirit and in truth.

Musical Philosophy | By honing the observing quietness of our Listening and Attention, we build our own External Reality, thus strengthening our Conscience by the bless of the lucid construction. Mind and Heart in a Perfect Major Chord.

Musical Mysticism | By allying the expressive quietness of our Sound and Voice, we emanate our own Divine Light, thus offering our Spiritual Gold by the beauty of the crystalline existence. Truth and Spirit in unison alchemy.