PRECEPTOR FRIENDS| Blesses and reports from those who have inspired us since the very beginning

Testimonials ))) LUZ-buddies who have taught and inspired me so

“In my view, the work Ramam does is one of this rare exponents of the movement of healing Music, which is truly in tune with the paradigmatic transition we have been witnessing. Ramam is one of these tireless warriors who fight for values that reflect a new culture of unifying consciousness. By using music as modus operandis for awareness raising and transmission of a visionary spiritual message, he invites us to dive into the luminous paths of the soul.”
Chandra Lacombe (((!)))


“The music of Ramam leads to a dip in the One who dwells and unifies the diversity that is our being. The diversity, harmony and beauty of his music has a profound effect on our unconscious: it seems to open up like a lotus flower and reveal its essence of divinity. Thus I feel when I am part in the Meditative Concerts that Ramam animates. Gratitude to Ramam and Life!”
Marcos Arruda * economista e educador * facilitador da Unipaz