Song of Life

REMINDER NOTES OF THE SOUL | A special Composition for your Incarnation
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“When a woman from a particular African tribe realizes she’s pregnant, she goes to the jungle along with other women and, together, they pray and meditate until the ‘child’s song’ is born. When the child is born, the community gathers and they all sing the song to the child.

Later on, when the child starts its education, the people gather and sing it its song. When the child grows up, the people gather and sing it again. When the day of its wedding comes, the child sings its own song. Eventually, when the child’s soul is ready to leave this world, its relatives and friends come closer and, just as in its birth, they sing the child’s song to accompany it in its ‘journey’.

In this African tribe, there is another situation when the people sing the song. If, in any moment of his/her life, someone commits a crime or an improper social action, someone takes this person to the center of the village and the people of the community surround him/her. Then, they sing the person’s song to him/her. This tribe believes that the way to correct antisocial behaviors is not by punishment; it is by love and reminding the person of his/her own identity. When we recognize our own song we don’t have any more desires or needs to make damage to anyone.

Your friends know ‘your song’ and they sing it to you when you forget about it. Those who love you cannot be deceived by the mistakes you make or the dark images that you show the others. They remember you’re beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you feel broken; your innocence when you feel guilty and your purpose when you feel confused.”

Tolba Phanem, african poetess


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Inspired by ancient traditions which recognizes the power of sound and music in the sustenance of the social balance, we dedicate this work specially to the so special children of our time and to everyone who feels invited to receive this medical song.

Offering what we call the Song of Life, a custom made composition for a special person who you wish to honor, based in the remarkable features that his/her birthday and Soul brings.

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