Concertos Meditativos

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Meditative Concerts SOUND OF LIGHTIntroduction | opening to a larger audience the work of Sound Massage, the Meditative Concerts are an opportunity to experience the sound and music in a restorative and harmonizing manner, through ethnic instruments established by the traditions as tools of communion.

Content | the proposal is the audience participate lying, for the most relaxation of body and mind. Through the soundscapes created by these instruments and its characteristic timbres, each individual can embark on your own “inner sonic journey”. Each one comes to access that which is possible and necessary in your life moment. Our varied sonorities offers moments of deep contemplative silence, inspiring instrumental, vocal improvisations, and a special repertoire of songs.

Benefits | great repercussion on the physical level (deep and natural relaxation, and homeostatic rebalancing), emotional (inner peace access) and mental (serenity and stillness). Know more in “Ouvir Conscientemente” (portuguese only).

Target Audience | ideal to promote mental and emotional health of work teams and interested groups at companies, hospitals, holistic spaces and other cultural events.

Periodicity | once a month at Tijuca and Copacabana, as well at other spaces, according to demand. See our calendar!

Length | sessions of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour and a half or 2 hours, according to demand.

Value | upon consultation.