Tibetan Singing Bowls

SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONS | using the Peter Hess Method

Introduction to Tibetan Singing Bowls ))) By Peter Hess, extracted from the DVD “Sound Massage according to Peter Hess in therapeutic practice” in our Video GALLERY.

Proven results ))) Among all the instruments we play in our treatments, maybe this is the one which has received more attention from the international scientific community, mainly in Europe, where it is broadly used for therapeutic purposes.

Below, I share a passage from the book by Ingrid Ortelbach (Portugal), who I have had the pleasure to achieve my Formation in Sound Massage by the Peter Hess Method with here in Rio de Janeiro:

“The German physics engineer and pedagogue Peter Hess, who since 1966 had been conducting biophysical investigations in India and Nepal and who since 1984 has been studying the effects of sound on man, met in 1997 (by means of an Sunil Sharma Indian collaborator) a 94-year-old man who, in his youth, learned the traditional manufacturing of the bowls with twelve metals. With the knowledge of this man, a production of new bowls with twelve metals has begun: the Peter Hess production.

Peter Hess has created a sound massage using various kinds of bowls with particular frequencies. The basic bowls are the Heart, Universal and Pelvic bowls.

The bowls are put on the body and played using sticks in order to create an energetic flow and harmonization. The effect of the sound of these bowls on the organism has been aim of academic studies, namely by Drs. Potalska and Potalski at the Posen College in Poland, as well as by other investigators of the sound such as Dr. Christina Koller, with her doctoral thesis about the subject ‘Use of the sounds in pedagogic fields of work, building on the example of sound pedagogy according to Peter Hess’.

All these studies indicate proven therapeutic effects with psychological, emotional, energetic, physiologic, neurologic, physical and behavioral benefits, among others, in the human organism.

About 80% of our body is composed of water. What happens in this water is about the same thing that happens in a lake when a stone falls upon it; concentric waves are created which extends across the entire lake. Thus, each water molecule begins to move. The same process happens in our body. By admitting the vibrations of the bowls, the created undulations extend in concentric waves across our entire body. Each molecule, each cell is reached. ‘It is a gentle massage for all cells of the body’.”


by Carlos Canão – Higher Technician of Special Education and Rehabilitation
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Ortelbach, Ingrid, TAÇAS TIBETANAS, A Cura Pelo Som, Ed. Ariana, 2009

Main effects of Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls )))

* A deep relaxation is achieved quickly because the sounds appeal to the original confidence of the person;
* Gentle massage which harmonizes each cell of the body thanks to the reestablishment of the energetic flow by the sound;
* It mitigates tension and anxiety, as well as helps to free us from problems and worries, dissolving blockages at the emotional and physical levels;
* The client feels his/her body pleasantly light and vibrating freely;
* It strengthens the immune system and our power of self-healing;
* It improves self-esteem, creativity and productive energy;
* It restores the joy of living;
* It frees us from old patterns so a new internal order can emerge.


Cooperation from the music partner and sound therapist Regina Santos.