Overtone Chanting

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Overtone Chanting ))) Technique which has fascinated me “at first listen” and today represents a powerful sonic-therapeutic tool.

By some techniques of using the larynx, tongue, lips and nasal cavities, we can chant two or more notes (the harmonics and sub-harmonics of the root of each key), thus coloring the chanting with a time-spatial wealth which specially fills the whole surroundings, thus overflowing our bodies with a distinguished perception of reality. Used during the approach of Sound Massage or Sound Bath SOM DA LUZ, along with other ethnic instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, kalimbas, didgeridoo, among others, it deeply promotes the equalizing vibration.

Aligning these techniques with Reiki and other vibrational practices, as well as the critical extra-physical contribution of the Begins of Light who we syntonize with, the Sound Massage SOM DA LUZ is an always unique experience of restoration of the body and nourishment of the spirit.


The Power of Overtone Chanting ))) According to the sound therapist Cecília Valentim,

“Academic studies show that generally singing, but mainly singing the harmonics, modulates the electric waves of the brain, leading to a greater brain coherence and amplitude of the Alpha and Theta waves, similar to the states of meditation, thus opening ways to other levels of consciousness. Empiric studies show that each vowel and each harmonic vibrates in a specific chakra. High frequencies reverberate in our organism in each subtle energetic center of our body, turning dissonance into consonance. We find references to this in texts from Tibetan Buddhism and among the Guaranis, who, in their tradition, consider the human being a Tu-py, that is, a standing flute, tuned by the critical keys of the being, keys which take part in all beings, like the harmonic series comprises all the sounds and each sound is a particular setting of harmonics. This is the sequence of vowels found in both traditions: Y, U, O, A, E, I. In this series, each vowel refers to a chakra, from the Root Chakra to the Third Eye Chakra. In the seventh chakra, in the top of the head, resides silence. (The practice of chanting the vowels as a path to ecstasy or illumination is also found in the sacred Hebrew and Byzantine texts).”


I also syntonize deeply with her experience that

“The Overtone Chant amplifies the spectrum of vocal, audio, body-mental perception and takes us to a state of freedom, internal pacification and bliss. It is a practice that allows us to connect deeply with this original vibration and ‘to clean’ vibrations that do not belong to us, thus allowing us to be in our frequency, being purely who we are, which is vital for this moment of the Planet and for all spiritual beings that live here.”


))) source: Overtone Chanting, from Cecília Valentim.